Hello jewelry lovers! I’m going to share 22 beautiful jewelry Instagram feed ideas.

I’ll also share some jewelry content ideas for Instagram and jewelry photography ideas to make your products shine.

These are some of the best jewelry accounts on Instagram that I could find, with some interesting Instagram feed designs.


Let’s start:

Feed idea 1. Brand Color Theme

Do you have a brand color? Could you infuse your brand color(s) in almost all your photos?

This trick is great to build your visual brand on Instagram and become recognizable at the blink of an eye.

For example, @tiffanyandco is known for its iconic turquoise color. And you can see they are using this color in their photos. The color appears on their jewelry box or in the background.

@chupi is known for its pink and gold color. As you can see they use pink as the background of their photos and their jewelry box. Gold comes from gold jewelry and… gold nail polish. It’s all in the details:

Feed idea 2. Mono-Theme

You can keep it super simple and create what we call a “mono-theme”.

A mono-theme is when you take photos of the exact same thing, in the exact same angle.

This way the focus of your photos is always your jewelry.

For example:

  • @letsearparty has an “ear” theme. They have an earring company. So they show only photos of ears with their earrings.
  • @roosedalefinejewelry has a “hand” theme. They take photos of their jewelry pieces on someone’s hands only

Feed idea 3. Line in the Middle

Another way to design your Instagram feed is to use an Instagram Grid Layout.

There are 9 different Instagram Grid Layouts you can create.

One of them is the “Line in the Middle” where you use the column in the middle of your feed to showcase a specific type of photo. Or maybe share quotes in the middle. 

You can get as creative as you want and share whatever you want in the middle of your feed.

For example, @cartier shares photos of people facing a ring in the middle of their feed, to make a statement:


You can use Preview App to quickly plan your Instagram grid and design your feed. This way you know exactly how your feed is going to look like before you post on Instagram.

Feed idea 4. The “Row” Theme

Another Instagram grid layout is called the “Rows” grid layout.

Use each row in your feed to show something different.

For example, @swaroski shows different background colors and types of photos in each row:

Feed Idea 5. Tiles

A Tiles Instagram Grid Layout is when you alternate between 2 types of photos.

Here are 2 examples from @tiffannyandco:

  • First feed: They alternated between a colored photo and a black and white photo? It creates a “tiles” effect on the feed
  • Second feed: They alternate between the photo with a person and the photo of a piece of jewelry only

@anviljewellery also creates a Tiles Grid Layout. She alternates between a photo with a person, and a photo of the jewelry on a black background:

@thejunipermarket also alternates between photo of people and photos of their jewelry only:

Feed Idea 6. Puzzle

Another Instagram feed idea is to create a Puzzle Feed.

Here are beautiful examples from @cartier and @theofficialpandora:

Feed Idea 7. Rainbow

A Rainbow Instagram feed is when the colors in your feed change as you scroll down. It follows the colors of the rainbow. Which creates a beautiful effect.

I recommend it if you want to make your Instagram feed colorful, or if you want to color coordinate your jewelry pieces.

For example, @tousjewelry changes the background colors of their photos to create a Rainbow Feed.

Feed Idea 8. Borders

You can add a border around your photo, like @cartier did:

Feed Idea 9. White Background

A big part of jewelry photography is the background of your photos.

A lot of jewelry brands keep the background of their photos very clean so that all the attention is on the jewelry itself.

One of the best ways to keep your Instagram account look clean is by taking your jewelry photos against a white background.


Tip: If you want to make your photo background whiter, I recommend Filter 5 in the “Jewelry” Filter Pack, in Preview App.

Feed Idea 10. Black Background

You can choose any background color you want.

It can be a color related to your brand, or related to the season of the year.

Red: Christmas.
Pink: Valentines’ Day.
Orange and Black: Halloween.

@anviljewellery is all about creating a deep, striking Instagram feed with its black photo backgrounds:

Feed Idea 11. Black Background

Here are some beautiful pink Instagram feed examples:

Feed Idea 12. Outside in Nature

You can also take your photos outdoors, in nature. This is a beautiful Instagram feed idea if your jewelry and brand are all about nature, rawness, freshness.

@ninasegaljewelry takes most of her photos in front of green plants, leaves and flowers:

Feed Idea 13. Natural

Talking about nature: you can create a very natural Instagram feed, where you focus on natural colors (especially white), textures and the color of the skin.

@bynouk_jewelry and @kirstinash are perfect examples: 

Recommended Filters:

Use Filter 1 or Filter 7 in the “Jewelry” Filter Pack in Preview App to edit your jewelry photos with this natural glow.

Feed Idea 14. Warm Brown

You can also create a warm brown Instagram feed, like @madebymary:

Recommended Filter:

Filter 6 in the “Jewelry” Filter Pack in Preview App.

Feed Idea 15. Jewelry Box Photos

Take photos of your jewelry inside of its box, like @sf.lilac and @ringdeluxe

Feed Idea 16. Jewelry Stack Photos

Embrace the jewelry passion to your fullest potential by stacking everything you can on your wrist, neck, hands and fingers.

These kinds of jewelry photos are very eye-catching and they are a great way to tag multiple products on one post at once.

Here are some great photo examples by:

Feed Idea 17. Close-Ups

Another Instagram feed idea is to take close-up photos only.

@stoneandstrand only takes photo of the models’ hands, ears, fingers:

Feed Idea 18. New Collection = New Theme

A lot of jewelry brands change the style of their Instagram feed depending on their new collections or the time of the year.

For example, @theofficialpandora will change their feed colors and style during the Holidays (Valentines’ Day, Christmas, etc…), and for their collections like the Lion King collection and the Disney Collection:

Feed Idea 19. Lifestyle photos

This is one of my favorite Instagram feed ideas for jewelry: take lifestyle photos.

Photos of jewelry in normal settings (a woman wearing it in the street having a coffee) or photos other than jewelry that just set the mood of a collection or brand.

@suetables shares photos of her jewelry on herself in bed or when she is out and about. She also share lifestyle photos like the sky, or her bedside table (with a piece of jewelry):

@parpalajewry takes fashion and street photos. She shows how her jewelry would look like with an outfit, in the real world:

Feed Idea 20. Quotes

@postaccessories and @dushijewelry take lifestyle photos and share fun and relatable quotes too:

Feed Idea 21. Photos of Customers

Are your customers tagging you in their photos, wearing your jewelry?

Re-share their photos in your feed.

This is what @ruegembon does.

They repost photos and videos from their customers and influencers. They also screenshot or record all the Instagram Stories that people tag them in and then post them in their feed:


Use the Repost feature in Preview App to repost your customer’s photos and videos. You can repost a bunch of photos and videos at once, and design your Instagram feed at the same time. This way you can alternate between posting your own photos and your customer photos.

Feed Idea 22. Videos of your Jewelry

And the last Instagram feed idea is to share videos of your jewelry, instead of photos.

Videos have the power to let customers see what your jewelry looks like under different angles.

Have a diamond ring that shines under the light?

Let that baby shine.

Twirl it all around under the sun to let it sparkle in front of people’s eyes.

@localecletic creates amazing videos of their jewelry in action.

Here, they show people how they can mix and match jewelry pieces together: 

They also create fantastic lifestyle videos like this one:

And here is an example of twirling a ring around to make the jewels shine:

That’s it!

You’ve made it until the end.

I really hope you found this blog post useful and inspiring.

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