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January 2023 new Instagram features & updates


Instagram has been testing the “Notes” feature in DMs in some countries. They are slowly rolling it out to more countries now (like Japan and Europe).

new instagram features 2023

Quiet mode

Content creators, social media managers, students (and anyone who wants to enjoy life without seeing notifications), this one is for you:

Set “Quiet Mode” in your Instagram Settings.

What happens when Quiet Mode is turned on?

  • You won’t get Instagram notifications anymore
  • Your Profile Activity Status will change to “In Quiet Mode” (so people know that you won’t be able to reply)
  • Instagram will automatically send an auto-reply when someone DMs you

“Quiet Mode” is currently available in these countries: US, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. If testing goes well, Instagram will roll it out to more countries.

new instagram features 2023

Control your Explore Page

Want to customize your Explore Page even more?

Tell the Instagram Algorithm exactly what you don’t want to see. This way, your Explore, Reels and Search Pages will be more accurate.

  • Hold your finger on the post you don’t want to see
  • Tap on “Not interested
new instagram features 2023

Hidden words to control the content you see

You can already hide DMs and comments that contains certain words. Now, you can also hide posts that contain certain words in their caption and / or hashtags.

You might have noticed some posts from people you don’t follow sometimes show up in your Home Feed. These are “Recommended Posts”.

You can control what you don’t want to see.

Let’s say you don’t want to see posts about “puppies” and “cats” (that’s sad). Then, add those words to your list.

Like this:

new instagram features 2023

Parents’ supervision tools

Instagram launched a Family Center and Supervision Tools section. You can set time limits, schedule breaks, etc… Now, parents can also be notified if their children change their Instagram Settings.

New profile photo

Your profile picture can now be interactive. It automatically switches between your avatar and your real profile picture.

new instagram features 2023

Reels “Topics”

You can now select the “Topic” of your Reels. It could help the Algorithm know who to show your videos to:

new instagram features 2023

February 2023 new Instagram features & updates

So what happened in February 2023? Probably Instagrammers’ favorite month, because guess what? Instagram seem to prioritize still photos again!

But first, there’s a change in your navigation.

Good-bye Instagram shop, hello Reels

The Shop button disappears from the bottom navigation bar. And Reels stays for faster access.

new instagram features 2023

Gifts for content creators

People can purchase “Gifts” to support their favorite content creators. If you are a content creators, people can purchase “Gifts” on your Reels (your past, present and future Reels). These are “virtual gifts“. After a while, you can then turn these gifts into money.

More about this from the Head of Instagram himself:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Adam Mosseri (@mosseri)

Instagram prioritizes photos again?!

What?! Instagram won’t be prioritizing Reels ONLY? Welcome back photos and carousels!

We’re not sure where this news originated from, but all major content creators on Instagram are currently reporting a surge of reach for their still posts.

So if you’ve been waiting to post more photos and carousels, go for it! Reels won’t have priority over them.

Tip: You can plan your posts, carousels, Reels & Stories with Preview App.

Instagram Reels ideas without showing face

See someone’s profile picture full screen

Want to see a bigger version of someone’s profile pic?

Hold your finger pressed on their profile photo, and it will appear bigger.

new instagram features 2023

March 2023 new Instagram features and updates

Good-bye Live Shopping

On March 16th, Instagram will officially shut down Live Shopping.

This means that if you have a shop, you won’t be able to tag products during a livestream anymore.

You will still be able to tag products on your normal posts, Reels and Stories.

Note: You can schedule posts with Product Tags with Preview App too.

schedule product tag posts

Comment with GIFs

Instagram started testing this feature on some accounts.

Soon you will have the “GIF” button appearing when you type a new comment.

Tap on it, and choose your GIF.

new instagram features 2023

“Add Yours” Stickers in Reels

Tap on the “Arrows” button when you open your Reels editor.

You will see “Add Yours” stickers created by a bunch of people from all around the world.

Join any of the trends you want. It’s an easy way to create new, trendy content.

new instagram features 2023

Record Reels from a distance

Use the “Gesture Control” feature in Reels to start recording your video whenever you want, by moving your arm only.

This way, you don’t need to press on the “Record button” and then run to your position to start recording.

new instagram features 2023

“Channels” feature on Instagram

Instagram said this feature will be available to Creators only (for now at least).

The “Channels” feature allows you to send public messages to your followers (without posting on your feed).

It’s like a private direct message, but instead of sending it to only one other person, you send it to all your followers.

If you have Telegram, then you’ll be familiar with this feature.

  1. As a Creator, you can post text, voice messages, photos, videos and polls.
  2. As a follower, you will be able to read, react and vote in polls. But you can’t reply with text – yet.

Instagram is testing this feature with select Creators from the US for now. They plan to expand the feature to more people in a few months.

new instagram features 2023

April 2023 new Instagram features and updates

Here is what is happening in April so far.

Instagram account settings are moving

Get ready to access some of your Instagram Settings from Facebook too.

new instagram features 2023

Create “Collections” with friends

Now you can create “Collections” and save your favorite posts in a folder, with your friends / colleagues.

If you use Pinterest, then you will know the “Collaborate” feature that allows you to curate posts in a folder with someone else.

You can do it on Instagram too now.

new instagram features 2023

Choose your “Interest Topics”

Want Instagram to show you only specific types of content?

  • Open your Instagram Settings
  • “Privacy”
  • “Interest topics”
  • Turn on / off the topics you’re interested in
new instagram features 2023

Snooze suggested posts in feed

Tired of seeing suggested posts in your Instagram home feed?

You can snooze it for 30 days.

  • Open your Instagram Settings
  • Choose “Suggested content”
  • “Snooze suggested posts in feed”
new instagram features 2023

Create Appointments in DMs

Great feature if you have a service-based business (coach, hairstylist, nail artist, MUA, etc…).

Do you have clients contacting you via direct message?

Are you ready to set up an appointment with them?

Don’t lose your lead, create an appointment directly in DMs.

The person will be able to add the appointment to their Phone Calendar in one tap. Amazing!

new instagram features 2023

Add your Facebook link in your bio

Are you active on Facebook and want your Instagram community to join you on Facebook too?

Add your Facebook link to your Instagram bio for quick access.

new instagram features 2023

Ads in Instagram Search Results

Remember how we were saying Instagram is becoming like a “Google”?

You can type a keyword in the Instagram Search Bar and see the Search Results.

Instagram is now bringing ads to Search Results.

In this example, if you type “Skin Care” in the search bar, you will see “skin care” related ads.

new instagram features 2023

Reminder Ads

This is for you if you like to create ads on Instagram.

You can now create a “Reminder” ad.

That is, an ad that has the “Reminder” feature.

For example, let’s say you are promoting an event, a product launch, a sale. Set a day and time when that event will happen. When they see your ad, people will be able to set a reminder to catch your event right on time.

new instagram features 2023

May 2023 new Instagram features and updates

Ready to see the new Instagram updates in May?

Reels Green Screen

Before, you had to search for the “Green Screen” far, far away, in the Effects section. Now, Instagram has made it super handy. Just tap on the “Green Screen” option as soon as you open your Reels screen.


Reply or forward a DM

Hold your finger on a DM. You will see options to reply to that message, or forward it.


React to a DM with an emoji

When you hold your finger on the DM, you can also react to it with an emoji.


Unsend your DM

Did you know you could also unsend a DM?

Hold your finger on one of your DMs, and press on “Unsend”.

Beware, if unsent messages go against Instagram’s Community Guidelines, you can still get in trouble. They will be included in a report.


June 2023 new Instagram features and updates

This month, there has been a lot of Reels updates.

New Reels video editor

Instagram has completely revamped their video editor.


New Reels speeds

Tap on the number on top of your screen to choose how fast or slow you want to record your video:


Reels “Sequence”

“Sequence” is its own feature now.

It allows you to add someone’s video at the beginning of your own.

  • Tap on the three dots “…” on a Reels
  • Choose “Sequence”

Reels Templates Library

Instagram is making editing Reels easier, with a pre-made Reels Templates that people have created. You just have to upload your own photos and videos. The timing of each clip has been done for you.

  • Open to your Reels
  • Swipe up to open your camera roll
  • Tap on “Templates”
  • Choose an audio and template you like

July 2023 new Instagram features and updates

The biggest update in July was the launch of “Threads”, the new Instagram app.


Instagram took the Internet (and Twitter) by storm by launching their new “Threads” app.
Think Twitter, but linked to Instagram.


Organize DMs with labels

Need to organize your DMs?
You can create DM labels (flags, booked, ordered, paid, dispatched).


August 2023 new Instagram features and updates

Here is what happened in August.

See “Shares” number (testing)

Instagram has been testing for a few months showing the number of likes, comments and now… shares under a post.


Add music to photo carousels

Before you could only add music to a single image and Reels.

Now Instagram allows you to add music to your carousels too.


DM request change

This is a big change to keep the community safe.

Instagram doesn’t want you to see harmful photos, videos or texts in your DMs from a person who doesn’t follow you.

So if someone doesn’t follow you and want to send you a DM, they will have new restrictions:

  1. They won’t be able to send you an unlimited number of DMs (no spamming). They can send only one message.
  2. They have to wait until you accept the request to chat that they can send you more DMs
  3. They can only send you photos or videos once you’ve accepted their request. Otherwise, they can only send that one text message.

That’s it!

That’s it for now. Let us know if you have heard other news, and we will add them to the list.

Otherwise, come back later to check out more news as they come out.