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Here are all the new Instagram features and updates.

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I will update it as soon as new features arrive on Instagram.

Let’s start:

New Instagram Story feature: “Comments”

This feature might be in testing mode right now because not everyone has it. We just got it on one of our Instagram accounts.

It’s a “Comments” Instagram Story feature. It allows you to add a comments section in your Instagram Story.

Your Instagram Story viewers can join the comments section. Everyone can see the conversation. And everyone can join the conversation.

The Instagram Story “comments” will diseappear in 24 hours. So it is a temporary comments section.

New Instagram Story feature: The “Arrow” Pen

You can now create the perfect arrows in your Instagram Story with the new arrow pen tool.

New Instagram feature: “Layout”

New Instagram feature: “Categories”

Instagram groups the people you follow into categories.

  • Press on “Following”
  • Categories
  • “See All”

New Instagram feature: “Sort” people you follow

Sort people you are following by:

  • Latest (the latest people you’ve followed)
  • Earliest (the first people you’ve followed)

New Instagram feature: Remove followers

To remove a follower:

  • Press on your “Followers” number
  • Press on “…”
  • Press “Remove”

New Instagram feature: See “Stories about you”

Go in your Notification center (where you see the list of likes and comments). On top there is a new section called “Stories about you”. These are all the Stories people tag you in. You can easily share their Stories in your own Instagram Stories from here.

New Instagram feature: Music

Add Music in your Instagram Stories. Click here if your Music sticker doesn’t show.

New Instagram feature: New Boomerang Styles

There are 4 Boomerang styles in your Instagram Story:

  • Classic
  • Slow-mo
  • Echo
  • Duo

New Instagram feature: IGTV series

Create series on your IGTV channel.

New Instagram feature: Save your Favorite Insta Story effects

Are you using the same Insta Story effects and want to save them so you can reuse them whenever you want? Use the “Save Effects” feature.

New Instagram feature: “Create”

Create fun Instagram Stories with the “Create” feature. It gives you Insta Story ideas like: challenges, Q&As, quizzes, polls, drawing, quotes and more.

New Instagram feature: Instagram Hiding Likes

Instagram is testing hiding likes in some countries. People can’t see how many likes you get. Only you can see how many likes you get if you want to.

That’s it for now!

We’ll let you know about the new Instagram features as they come out in 2020.

Until next time, see you on Instagram.

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