You took a long break.

And you haven’t posted on Instagram for a while.

No problem!

Here are 8 post and caption ideas to revive your account.

Let’s start.

Idea #1. Your “Why”

Share why you took a long break – only if you want to.

Write in your caption:

  • Why you took a break
  • How were you feeling
  • How are you feeling now

Did you take a break because you needed to recharge?

Could you share what happened with your community?

You’d be surprised at how many people will connect with your story.

Your break can inspire others to slow down and take care of themselves too.

instagram break

Idea #2. Camera roll dump

Did you go somewhere or did something different?

Were you on holiday or took a vacation?

Share your favorite photos or videos of your break.

It can be in a carousel post or a Reels video.

People love to see fun posts and memories.

instagram break

Idea #3. Lessons

Do you feel like you’ve learned something during your Instagram break?

Make a list (people love lists).

For example:

5 things I’ve learned about taking a break from Instagram.

instagram break

Idea #4. Quote

Share a quote that resonates with you.

It can be a quote about:

  • The importance of taking a break
  • Life
  • Motivation
  • Your passion
instagram break

Idea #5. Meme

Want to come back on Instagram with humor?

Share a funny meme.

instagram break

Idea #6. Teaser

Get people excited to see your next posts!

Share what you are planning to post next.

instagram break

Idea #7. Funny “come-back” captions

Here are funny captions when you’re coming back to Instagram after a break:

  • Is anybody here?
  • Leave an emoji in the comments if you see this post.
  • Guess who’s back.
  • Who missed me?
  • Does my Instagram still work?
  • Raise your hand if you didn’t realize I was on a social media break.
  • Breaking news: the world didn’t stop during my Instagram break.
  • Hi, I still exist.
  • It’s good to be home.
  • They say good things take time.
  • 32 days, 12 hours and 33 seconds. That’s how long I’ve been away.
instagram break

Idea #8. Engagement tricks

Make people see you on Instagram again.



Take 10 minutes to like and comment on other people’s posts.

instagram break

These people can be:

  1. Accounts that are similar to yours (and that have your ideal follower base), or
  2. Accounts of people who follow you (I 100% recommend this).

Want to do the second engagement trick?

You can do it 2 different ways:

Way #1:

  • Open one of your previous posts
  • Check your comments section
  • Go like / comment the posts of these people

Like this:

instagram break
instagram break
instagram break

Don’t have many comments?

That’s ok, use the next way.

Way #2:

  • Press on the number of likes under your post (or the usernames under your posts)
  • You will see the list of all the people who liked your post
  • Press on their username
  • Go to their feed
  • Like and/or comment on their post

Like this:

instagram break
instagram break
instagram break

Why do these tricks?

Because each time you like /comment, the person will receive a notification.

This will let them know that you are back.

They will be more likely to check out your account again.

And the Instagram Algorithm will be more likely to show your new posts to them again.

And this is how you start reviving your Instagram!

BONUS: How I post consistently again

I use Preview App!

It’s so easy to use and makes my Instagram life a BREEZE!

instagram break

You can also use Preview to find the best hashtags:

instagram break

Find even more caption ideas (you’ll have enough for the ENTIRE year):

instagram break

Edit your photos:

instagram break

Posting a video?

Choose your cover image:

instagram break

You can plan your Reels and Instagram Stories too:

instagram break


Welcome back to Instagram!

Click here to use Preview.

And have a ton of fun creating your content!