Here are all the new Instagram features and updates in 2022.

We will add new features to this list as we go. So keep an eye on this blog post if you want to stay up-to-date.

If you don’t have some of these features yet: Check this blog post to see how you can get them.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it!

January 2022 new Instagram features

Here are Instagram updates for January 2022:

Comment reply in Reels

The official feature is called “Reels Visual Reply“. You reply to someone’s comment from one of your posts, in a Reels video. The comment will appear like a Sticker on top of your video.

instagram new features

Image Credit: Instagram

Filter notification

Go to your Notification screen. You can choose what notifications you want to see: Only tags and mentions, comments, followers, or notifications from verified accounts or people you follow only.

instagram new features

Reminders of feed posts

Awesome if you have an announcement to make. Create a post with a Reminder. The Reminder can be a Reminder for your upcoming Live, a product launch, or any announcement you have.

People can tap on your post and set up a reminder so they get notified to attend your event.

Here’s how to set it up:

  • Upload a post on Instagram
  • Tap on “Add Reminder”
  • Give a Name to your event and a start time
instagram new features

Chronological feed

Not everyone has this feature yet. Instagram is currently testing it on some accounts. So you might have to wait a bit to get it on yours. Instagram is bringing back a version of the chronological feed.

You’ll be able to choose between 3 types of home feed views:

  • Home“: The Algorithm will organize your homefeed based on what / who you interact with the most (for example, if you watch a lot of puppy posts, they will show you puppy posts on top).
  • Following“: See all the posts from people you’re following in a chronological way.
  • Favorites“: You’ll be able to add accounts to your “Favorite” list and see your Favorite accounts on top of your home feed.
instagram new features

Reorder Reels Clip

This is awesome if you upload a bunch of clips in your Reels, and you want to reorder them. Just drag and drop them around.

instagram new features

Instagram Subscription

A new way to make money on Instagram. There will be a “Subscribe” button in your bio. You set how much you want to charge per month (from $0.99 to $99). People can subscribe to you. You post exclusive Instagram Stories and Lives for them. You will get paid.

Note: Instagram is currently testing this new feature with a few creators in the US.

instagram new features

February 2022 new Instagram features

In February, Instagram updated their Poll Sticker, Reels and introduced Avatars.

Delete multiple Instagram posts at once

Want to clean up your Instagram feed? You can mass delete or archive your Instagram posts now.

instagram new features

New IG poll feature

Probably one of the biggest changes on Instagram Stories. The Quiz and Poll Stickers merge into one – to create a new Poll Sticker design.

instagram new features

60 seconds Reels

Instagram is allowing people to upload longer Reels. Instead of 30 seconds max, you can upload 60 seconds. There are rumors that Instagram is planning to increase it to 90 seconds. Let’s wait and see!

instagram new features

Remix option for all videos

Before, the Remix feature was available only to Reels videos. Now, Instagram has the option to remix all videos. If you don’t want people to remix your videos, just tap on the three dots “…” and turn off the Remix option.

instagram new features

Live displayed in your bio

Are you going Live soon? Want to make sure people see when you’re Live next? Schedule your Live, and it will appear in your bio. People will be able to tap on it and set a reminder for themselves, to make sure they don’t miss it.

instagram new features

Image Credit: Instagram


Create your own 3D Avatar, and show up in your Stories as the Avatar. Awesome for those who don’t want to show their face all the time, or for brands who want to create a brand persona.

instagram new features

Image Credit: Meta

March 2022 new Instagram features

In March 2022, Instagram introduced a lot of Reels and video updates.

Reels on Facebook

Facebook launched “Facebook Reels“. This means you can now share your Instagram Reels on Facebook. Which means… potentially more Reels views for you!

Big news too: Facebook can recommend and show your Reels to anyone’s Facebook Feeds (not just your friends). Which means… even more views for you! Of course, if you don’t want Facebook to automatically share your Reels across the Internet, you can opt out.

instagram new features

Image Credit: Meta

Import Audio for your Reels

Want to import your own audio, songs or music for your Reels video?

  • Go on your Reels
  • Press on the “Music” button
  • Press “Import”
  • The audio must be part of a video (so just make sure you save in your camera roll the video that has the audio you want)
instagram new features

Reels Layout

Add multiple photos or videos on one screen, in your Reels. Like this:

instagram new features

To do that, press on the “Layout” button, and choose a layout:

instagram new features

Automatically synchronize your Reels clips with the audio

Want your photos or videos to follow the beat of the song? There’s a feature for it.

  • Open your Reels
  • Swipe up to reveal your camera roll
  • Press on the “Carousel” button (top right corner, next to “Green Screen”)
  • Select multiple photos or videos from your camera roll
  • “Next” (bottom right corner of your screen)
  • Choose the song
instagram new features

Auto-generated captions for videos

You won’t have to manually type your captions anymore. Instagram is adding automatic captions for videos. This is useful for the deaf or hard-of-hearing communities, and people who like to watch videos on Instagram without sound.

You have the option to turn this feature on or off.

  • Add your video on Instagram (but don’t post it yet)
  • On the caption screen, press on “Advanced Settings”
  • Next to “Accessibility”, turn on or off “Show Captions”
instagram new features

Image Credit: Instagram

April 2022 new Instagram features

So far, here are the new updates this month.

Direct Messaging features

There are 7 new Direct Messaging (DM) features:

1. Reply while you browse
You don’t need to go to your DMs to reply to a message. You can reply while browsing on Instagram.

Instagram new features 2022 Direct Message

Image Credit: Instagram

2. DM shortcut
Hold the share button under a post to quickly send the post to a friend. The friends that appear are your closest friends / the people you chat with the most.

Instagram new features 2022 Direct Message shortcut

Image Credit: Instagram

3. See who is online
Just like on the Facebook Messenger app, now you can see the profile pictures in your DMs. If there is a green dot next to their pic, it means they are online. Don’t want people to see if you’re online? Turn off the “Activity Status” in your Privacy Settings.

Instagram new features 2022 Direct Message shortcut

Image Credit: Instagram

4. Play, pause and re-play music
Instagram integrated with Apple Music, Amazon Music, and soon Spotify. You can share a song you love in your DMs. People will be able to listen to the first 30 seconds of it directly from the chat.

Instagram new features 2022 Direct Message Music

Image Credit: Instagram

5. Silent mode
Send a message without notifying your friends (if it’s late at night or if you know they are busy). Just type “@silent” along with the text of your message to send in silent mode.

Instagram new features 2022 silent mode message

Image Credit: Instagram

6. Lo-Fi chat theme
Want to chill? Or tired of the usual white or black chat background? Change it to the “lo-fi” theme.

Instagram new features 2022 direct message background

Image Credit: Instagram

7. Create a poll within your DMs
Awesome to vote for something between friends, or if you have a closed group with clients.

Instagram new features 2022 direct message poll

Image Credit: Instagram

You can “Like” Instagram Stories

Press on the heart button on the bottom right corner of your screen. It will not send a message notification to the person. Only the person sharing the Story can see that you liked it.

If you press on the Like button by mistake, just tap on it again to “unlike”.

New Instagram Story feature 2022

Tag products on your post

Are you wearing a Zara shirt? Did you buy this cushion from H&M? Did you purchase these earrings from a small business?

All Instagrammers from the US can now tag products from businesses that set up their Instagram Shopping.

New Instagram feature 2022 tag products on post

Image Credit: Instagram

The business will receive a notification when you tag their product.

As a brand, you can control who can tag your products (go in your Settings to manage your product tag preferences).

This means, more people could see your products and directly shop. How amazing?

Here is how it works:

  • Upload a post on Instagram
  • At the caption screen, tag the brand on your post
  • The “Tag Products” option will appear
  • Tag one or more products
New Instagram feature 2022 tag products on post

Image Credit: Instagram

Are you a content creator? Did you already post content with products you love? You can add product tags now.

  • Press on the three dots “…”
  • Edit
  • Press on “Products” at the bottom of your screen
New Instagram feature 2022 tag products on post

Image Credit: Instagram

If you are a business owner, what if you want to remove tags from some people’s posts?

  • Find the post with a tag you want to remove
  • Press on the three dots “…”
  • Press “Remove all tags from post”
New Instagram feature 2022 tag products on post

Image Credit: Instagram

When will this feature be available to everyone around the world?

Instagram has not given any dates yet.
They only said that they will expand in the US first.

So if you are in the US, keep updating your Instagram app. You might get it very soon.

Convert a Story into a Reel

Did you capture a beautiful or fun moment in your Stories? Do you have an old Insta Story you’d like to share as a Reels? You can do it in one tap.

At the moment, you can only turn a Story into a Reel if you save it in a Highlight first.

  • Save your Story in a Highlight (or find a Story in one of your existing Highlights)
  • Press on the three dots “…” at the bottom of your screen
  • Press “Convert to Reel”
New Instagram Reels feature 2022

Recommended posts in your home feed

Could this be an amazing opportunity to get more reach?

Instagram has been doing this for a few months. But now, we see it more and more frequently.

You will see posts from people you don’t follow yet in your Home Feed, along with posts from people you already follow.

Instagram recommends posts based on other similar posts that you liked, commented on, saved or shared.

Moral of the story: Keep posting on your feed! 

Your posts could be recommended by Instagram in other people’s Home Feeds – even if they don’t follow you.

New Instagram feature 2022

Reels Sound Effects

Make your videos even more fun with Sound Effects.

You can add sounds like applauses, a doorbell, fart, flashback, evil laugh, crickets, and so much more.

  1. Tap on the “Music” button
  2. Tap on “Sound Effects”
  3. Slide the cursor where you want to add the sound effect
  4. Press on the sound effect
  5. Done
instagram new features

Longer display name

Your display name is your name in bold, in your Instagram bio.

It can now be longer than 30 characters.

Why is this important?

For Instagram SEO and Google SEO.

The words in your display name are keywords.

Thanks to these keywords, new people can find your page. This means new followers, customers or clients.

Want to optimize your Instagram Display Name? Click here.

instagram new features

Enhanced Tags

You know how you can tag people on your post?

Now you can add an “Enhanced Tag”.

The Enhanced Tag shows the “profile category” of the person, under their username. Like “Photographer”, “Makeup Artist”, “Blogger”, etc…

See how to Set up your own Profile Category.

instagram new features

To add an Enhanced Tag on your post:

  1. Upload a new post on Instagram
  2. Tap on “Tag people”
  3. Select “Add Tag
  4. Tap “Show Profile Category” to display the creator category
  5. Done
instagram new features

May Instagram New Features

So far, here are the new updates this month.

New “Originality” Algorithm

The Head of Instagram said the Algorithm will now take into consideration “Originality”.

He said:

“If you create something from scratch, you should get more credit than if you are re-sharing something that you found from someone else. We’re going to do more to try and value original content more, particularly compared to reposted content”.

He also said that they will improve the “Originality Algorithm” over time.

Will this affect pages that focus on reposting people’s content? Some of these pages are HUGE, with millions of followers. They gather an amazing community. For example, there are pages that focus on reposting travel content, knitting content, dog content or photography content. You can tag them on your posts so they can repost your posts. If you have a small account, this is an AMAZING opportunity to be seen by so many people and welcome new followers.

Let’s see how this new Algorithm will change over time.

New Hashtag Page

Instagram is currently testing removing the “Recent” tab on the Hashtag Pages.

Usually, you would see the “Top”, “Recent” and “Reels” tabs on a Hashtag Page.

But now, some of you might only see “Top” and “Reels”.

What do you guys think about this?

I’m sad to see the “Recent” tab go away, because it was a way for me to see who is active right now, instead of only Top posts that might have been posted 4 days ago. 

Let’s see if this change will be permanent.

instagram new features

Remix for Photos

You can Remix Reels and videos.

And now, Instagram is testing “Photo remix”.

If someone is inspired by your post, they can create a Reel that includes your photo or video.

If you don’t want people to share your post, you can turn off remixing in your Account Settings.

Full-Screen Home Feed

Instagram is now showing Reels that fill the whole screen when you open your Home Feed. 

instagram new features

New Hashtag Pages for Causes

Instagram has created a new type of Hashtag Page: Hashtag Pages for Causes.

Instagram will work with organizations and create specific Hashtag Pages for them.

When you use the specific hashtag, your post will appear on the page.
You can also directly donate by pressing on the “Support” button.

For example, here is #climateaction:

instagram new features

Dual Reels camera

It’s like a Facetime call, but on your Reels.

You can activate both front and back cameras at the same time.

Just tap on the “Dual” camera button, like this:

instagram new features

90 second Reels

Instagram increased the maximum duration of Reels to 90 seconds (that’s one minute and a half).

Tap on the “Duration” button and choose “90”. This way, Instagram will increase your recording time.

instagram new features

Top Page make-over – with 3 Reels on top

Reels are taking more space on the Instagram Search Result Page.

It now shows 3 Reels in the top row.

instagram new features

Pin a post on top of your feed

A Meta spokesperson told Techcrunch that Instagram is currently testing a new feature that lets people pin a post on top of their feed.

Some of you might get it very soon.

This feature is useful if you want to:

  1. Highlight one of your favorite posts on top of your feed
  2. Pin a post you post frequently (for example a frequently asked question, your products, services)

The “Pin to your profile” feature will appear here (we don’t have it yet):

instagram new features

Reels Templates

A lot of Reels are created by following the beat of a song.

It means you have to set your photos or videos to appear and disappear at specific time.

For example, add a 1 second video or photo at 2 seconds.
Add a 2 second video or photo at 4 seconds.
And so on.

This specific timing is the basis of a “template”.

The new “Template” feature allows you to add your own photos or videos in empty slots (already ready for you). You don’t have to calculate timing anymore. Just press on “Use Template” and upload your photos or videos.

instagram new features 2022

That’s it for now!

We will update this blog post when we spot new features.

Let me know if you have any questions about these updates.

Otherwise, see you on Instagram 👋


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