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The Instagram trends 2020 surprised me.

In a good way.

There are 12 Instagram trends we’ve noticed.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve noticed any other trends. Things you see other Instagrammers do more and more. New content types or anything that you think is different. It will be interesting to see what you’ve noticed too.


Let’s start.

Instagram Trends #1. Hidden Likes = More Posting

As you know, Instagram has been testing hiding likes.

This is a major change which will have a major impact on people in 2020.

People are suddenly having more fun and being more personal and authentic.


  • Not seeing likes = less pressure.
  • Less pressure = more fun.
  • More fun = more posting.
  • More posting = more connection and authentic growth.


Let’s be real.

For some people, “likes” are only a vanity metrics that stop them from posting because “what if no one likes it…?”.

The mindset is that if you don’t get “enough likes” you’re “not enough”. Or your content is “not good enough”.

This mindset is dying off.

Instead of focusing on increasing a “number”, people are now focusing more on growing meaningful relationships, or posting what makes the most impact for their communities or their business.

Like I always say:

We’re seeing a trend of people posting more about what they love, what they really think about a subject, writing like they speak, staying true to their passion and beliefs, and building a deeper relationship with their followers.

And this results in people actually growing on Instagram in an authentic way.

Good-bye vanity metrics, hello authenticity.