Are you looking for fun and strategic Instagram captions for hairstylists?

Maybe you want caption ideas to promote your hair salon?
Or to encourage people book an appointment with you?

Or maybe you want to get more comments and interact with your followers on a deeper level so they feel like they can trust you with their hair?

You’re in the right place.

There are HUNDREDS of captions for hairstylists in Preview.

Before I show you all the captions, here is where you can find them.

Where are the Instagram captions for hairstylists in Preview?

You can use Preview on your phone or on your computer.

For this tutorial I’m going to show you where to find them on your phone.

To get the captions, press on the “Caption” button:

instagram captions for hair
Press “Find Captions“:
instagram captions for hair
You will see all the caption categories on top of your screen. All the captions are organized into categories to make it easier for you to find what you need.
instagram captions for hair
You can scroll through the categories on top of your screen. Or you can type in the search bar Hair” to see the recommended hashtags for hair.
instagram captions for hair
Once you find a caption you want to use, press on the “Checkmark” button. It will be automatically added to your caption. You can then add more text to your caption if you want to. You can also add hair hashtags and a call-to-action to perfect your caption.
instagram captions for hair

Let’s look at the Instagram captions for hairstylists.

Hair Instagram captions

The first captions I recommend are in the “Hair” caption category.

These will have core hair captions, quotes and sayings.

They are perfect whenever you want to write a short caption.

You can also use these captions as the first sentence for your captions. Then continue to write what you would like to say.

Some hairstylists like to start with one of these fun captions. Then add a “Call-to-Action” or a “Personal” caption to complete their caption.

instagram captions for hair

Instagram captions for hairstylists

Hairstylist, this caption category is dedicated to you.

You will find core hairstylist caption ideas in this category.

From praising the amazing hair of your clients, to encouraging your followers to book an appointment with you.

There are also strategy caption ideas in this category to position you as an expert.

For example, you can give hair tips. These kinds of captions will make your followers come back to your account for more (amazing for your Instagram growth). They will show your followers that you know what you’re talking about.

This will reassure them and will make them want to book an appointment with you even more. Because who doesn’t want an expert touching and caring for their hair?

These caption ideas are in the “Hairstylists” category:

instagram captions for hair

Service-Based Business

You are a hairstylist, therefore you provide a service.

If you are wanting to build a deeper relationship with your followers (and therefore potential clients), you will love the “Service-Based Business” caption ideas.

These captions will position you as an expert. And they will help your clients.

The more you help them, the more they trust you.

The more you open up about your passion, the more they will appreciate you.

And the more they trust and appreciate you, the more they will want to hang out with you in your salon.

So you will find captions like:

  • “3 reasons why ____”
  • “The reason I am so passionate about ____ is because _____”.

These are templates.

You fill in the blanks with your story and/or tips.

The idea is for you to use these templates to start your caption. Then you tell your story using your own words and personality.

See the “Service-Based Business” for more.

instagram captions for hair


Let’s say people find you on Google or through Instagram.

They will check your Instagram feed to see if you are legit. They check your feed to see your work, hair transformations, your salon, and you – the person cutting their precious hair.

They can see your photos or videos. Your work. They like it.

Sometimes, the last thing they might need before they book is to read someone’s experience with you: a testimonial.

If you wonder what to write in your caption when you’re about to share a testimonial, and you don’t want to sound too repetitive each time, check the “Testimonials” category.

instagram captions for hair
Tip: Click here for beautiful presets and filters to edit your hair photos.

Captions to get more comments

Would you like to encourage your followers to leave more genuine comments on your posts?

Check the “Get Comments” captions.

These are for you if you want to build a relationship with your followers / clients through Instagram.

There are games and fun questions you can ask your followers to naturally get more comments.

instagram captions for hair

Instagram caption starters

What if you already have a caption idea, but you want to make sure people start reading it?

Then you would use a caption “starter“.

Think of it as a “hook” to get people intrigued to read more.

Look at the “Starters” caption:

instagram captions for hair

Captions with popular sayings

If you want to have some fun, use the “Popular Sayings” captions.

They are sayings everyone uses nowadays. Like: “Hey Siri, _____”

All you have to do is fill in the blank with your statement.

Since you are a hairstylist, you can relate it back to anything about hair.

For example:

  • “Hey Sini, cut my hair”, or
  • “Hey Siri, when was my last hair appointment?”

You get the idea.

instagram captions for hair

Personal captions

Are you the salon owner? Or a tight-knit team?

Do you like getting personal with your clients? Create a warm, friendly atmosphere?

You can create a personal and warm atmosphere on your Instagram account too, by sharing personal stories.

It can be as simple and fun as:

  • “3 fun facts you probably didn’t know about _____”

You can relate it back to your salon, to yourself as a hair professional, or to yourself as a human being.

You can introduce yourself, so people get to know the person taking care of their hair.

See the “Personal” caption ideas in Preview for more ideas.

instagram captions for hair


You can also use the “Call-to-Action” caption ideas too, to encourage people to do something after seeing your post.

Type “Call to action” in the search bar to see the core call-to-action captions.

You will see:

  • Call-to-Action
  • Tag
  • Save this post
  • Share this post
  • Link in bio
  • Email subscription
  • Freebie
instagram captions for hair

Selfie caption ideas

And last but certainly not least, check out the “Selfie” captions.

These are great If you like taking close-up / portrait photos of your clients.

If you want to show personality, fun and sass, check the “Sassy Girl” captions.

instagram captions for hair
instagram captions for hair

That’s it!