Ready for Instagram post ideas for September 2021? And caption ideas and hashtags?

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Here are post ideas for September 2021, week-by-week.

Week #1: September post ideas

Wednesday 1 September:

  • Introduce yourself or give a life update.
  • Ask your followers to introduce themselves in the comments (what’s your name and where are you from?)

Thursday 2 September:

  • Myth vs Reality. Bust a myth (personal or in business-related). And share your reality.

Friday 3 September:

  • Reels: Join a trend. Tip: Check feed for weekly Reels trends.

Saturday 4 September:

  • Photo dump: Favorite summer / winter photos or products you’ve launched in summer / winter. Ask people which one they like: 1, 2 or 3?

Sunday 5 September:

  • Rest*

We include rest days if you want to do a social media detox and refresh your creativity.
You can rest if you want to; or you can post whatever you want.

Week #2: September post ideas

This week is perfect for bookstagrammers because it has “Read a Book Day” and “World Literacy Day”.

However, you can join the holidays even if you’re not a book blogger.


Monday 6 September

  • “Read a Book Day”
  • Post idea: Share your favorite books or book quotes.
  • Caption ideas: use the “Book” caption prompts in Preview App for quotes and fun questions to ask your followers to get more comments.
  • Hashtags: Use the “Book” hashtags in Preview App.

Tuesday 7 September

  • 3 reasons why you shouldn’t ___

Wednesday 8 September

  • “World Literacy Day”
  • Caption ideas: see the “Book” caption prompts in Preview App.
  • Don’t want to post about books? Choose a “Personal”, “Service-Based Business” or “Get Comments” caption prompts in Preview App.

Thursday 9 September

  • Share a hack (a life hack or hack using a product)

Friday 10 September

  • Reels: Join a trend.
  • Check for weekly Reels trends.

Saturday 11 September

  • Create a “Top 5 Favorite” list
  • Post ideas:
    • Fashion: 5 favorite accessories, fall outfits, spring outfits, earrings, shoes
    • Food blogger: Top 5 favorite ingredients, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, pantry staples
    • Product business: Top 5 favorite products, uses of a product, colors
    • Service business: Top 5 favorite tools, benefits, advantages, tricks,

Week #3: September post ideas

This week can be “Positivity” week because it is “Positive Thinking Day” on Monday.


Monday 13 September

  • “Positive Thinking Day”
  • Post ideas: Share a positive quote or what helps you feel more positive. Fit the topic to match what your account is about.
  • For example:
    • Fashion blogger: 5 outfits that make you feel better
    • Food blogger: 5 dishes that make you happy
    • Product business: how to use your product to create relaxation (candles, essential oils, art)
    • Service business: talk about how you help solve solutions and bring peace of mind to your clients or your journey towards positivity Etc
  • Hashtags: Use “Positivity”, “Self-Love”, “Self-Care” hashtags in Preview App

Tuesday 14 September

  • Answer a FAQ (frequently asked question ) you might receive in your DMs a lot, or a question your friends or family ask you. It can be fun or serious.

Wednesday 15 September

  • 3 fun facts about:
    • You, or
    • Your business
    • Your industry
  • Hashtags: use the “Business” hashtags or industry-related hashtags in Preview App.

Thursday 16 September

  • Share “5 ideas”. Tip: Make it fit your account.
  • For example:
    • Fashion blogger: 5 outfits ideas for fall
    • Food blogger: 5 breakfast ideas for fall
    • Photographers: 5 pose ideas
    • Product business: 5 ways to style / use [your product]
    • Etc…
  • Caption: Ask your followers which idea they like the best: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?

Friday 17 September

  • Reels: Join a trend!
  • See the latest trends on feed.

Saturday 18 September

  • Share your business story.
  • End of caption: Ask your followers if they would like to hear more about your behind the scenes and story. Or if your audience are business owners, ask about their business story.

Week #4: September post ideas

Monday 20 September

  • “Women Friendship Day”
  • Post idea: Share a photo of you and your girl friends. Or give a shoutout a woman (or more) you admire in your life.
  • Caption ideas: “Friend” and “Love” caption ideas in Preview App.
  • Hashtags: “Friend”, “Relationship”, “Business Woman”, “Spiritual Business Women”, “Women Empowerment” in Preview App.

Tuesday 21 September

  • “World Gratitude Day”
  • List 3 things you are grateful for.
  • End of caption: Ask your followers to comment what they are grateful for.
  • Hashtags: “Gratitude”, “Positivity”, “Quote” (if you share a quote), “Affirmation”, “Abundance”, “Mental Health”, “Mindset” – and more – in Preview App.

Wednesday 22 September

  • Fall / Spring Start
  • Share your first fall or spring photo. See fall photo ideas.
  • Examples:
    • Fashion blogger: Fall outfit
    • Food blogger: Fall recipe
    • Photographers: Fall photo (it can be photos from last year)
  • Hashtags: “Fall 2021”
  • Caption ideas: see “Fall” prompts, puns, quotes and fun questions in Preview App

Thursday 23 September

  • 2 truths and a lie about you and/or your business or product.
  • Ask your followers to guess which one is the lie.
  • Reveal the answer the next day in your post, comments or Stories.

Friday 24 September

  • Reels: Join a trend.
  • See the latest trends on feed.

Saturday 25 September

  • Share one of your unpopular opinion.
  • Make it fun or serious and fit your brand.
  • End of caption: Ask your followers what they think about this unpopular opinion OR ask them to share their own unpopular opinion in the comments!

Week #5: September post ideas

Monday 27 September

  • “World Tourism Day”
  • Share your favorite photos / videos of your country or places you’ve travelled to.
  • Hashtags: Type “Travel” in the search bar of the Hashtag Finder in Preview to see all the travel related hashtags.
  • Caption ideas: see all the “Travel” caption prompts in Preview App.

Tuesday 28 September

  • Pros and Cons of _

Wednesday 29 September

  • September photo dump (share your favorite photos / videos of September in a carousel or Reels)

Thursday 30 September

  • “World Podcast Day”
  • Share your favorite podcasts.
  • End of caption: Ask your followers to tag their favorite podcast(s) in the comments.
  • Hashtags: “Podcast” and other hashtags based on what the podcast is about. For example, if it is about self-development and growth, use the “Self-Development” and “Self-Growth” hashtags. If it is about Business, use the “Business” hashtags. Type these keywords in the search bar of Preview’s Hashtag Finder.

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