You can now automatically schedule Instagram posts with Preview!

Preview has been officially approved by Instagram to auto-post and follows Instagram’s Rules and Policies. This means that the app and auto-post are safe to use.

As you know, you can already plan unlimited posts, Instagram Stories, Reels and IGTVs in Preview.

Let’s look at how to automate Instagram posts.

If you’ve already been using Preview, you’ll know the first few steps.

If you’re new, here’s how to automatically schedule Instagram posts.

1. Upload new posts in Preview

For this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to schedule Instagram posts on the phone.

But you can use Preview on your computer too.

First, upload a new post:

  • Press on the + button
  • Press “Library” to choose photos/videos from your camera roll
  • Press “More” if you want to upload from your Google Drive / Dropbox or other apps

Once you’ve uploaded new posts, they will appear in your Preview feed.

How to Automatically Schedule Instagram Posts with Preview: Upload a new post
Library option to upload photos/videos to schedule automatically to Instagram

2. Design your Instagram feed

You can now move your posts around and choose where you want each post to be, and how you want your Instagram feed to look like before you post.

Rearrange your posts to preview your feed before you schedule automatically

3. Open the caption

Press on a post you want to schedule and open the caption.

Caption button to open the auto-publish scheduling feature in Preview app

4. Turn on “Schedule post”

Here you can:

And of course: Schedule the post.

Turn on the “Schedule Post” button.

Schedule Post button in Preview app

5. Turn on “Auto-post” to automatically schedule the post

How to set up the auto publish to post later?

Just turn on the “Auto post” button:

Auto-post button to automatically schedule Instagram posts with Preview

6. Automatically schedule to post in a different timezone

Is your main audience living in a different city or country?
Or maybe your clients are in a different timezone and you need to post when you’re asleep?

You can automatically schedule your Instagram posts for a different timezone.

Just choose the day and time you want to post in the other city/country. And then press on the timezone to change city / country.

Your post will be posted at that day and time in the other city / country.

Timezone feature to automatically schedule Instagram posts for different countries and cities

7. Tag people

Need to tag people on your post?

Press on “Tag people“.

And you’re done!

The "Tag People" feature to automatically post on Instagram

8. Add Location

You can also tag a location. Preview will automatically add the location to your post on Instagram.

Auto post on Instagram with the location feature in Preview app

That’s it!

Quick and easy!

There are more features inside Preview, like:

And more.

This post was an introduction to the new feature: the Auto-Post feature.

We hope you are as excited about this new feature as we are.

As always, have a ton of fun planning your posts!

If you’re new:

  • Click here to download Preview on your phone.
  • Click here if you want to schedule posts on your Desktop computer.

And if you have any questions about the auto-post, send us an email here.